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Eco Tourism – A Catch Phrase or a Global Phenomenon?

Eco Tourism – A Catch Phrase or a Global Phenomenon?
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Eco tourism is not just a catchphrase, but also a better solution for a nature loving and recreational vacation. The idea of Eco tourism was hallowed for conserving and supporting the natural wealth of our Mother Nature, Earth. It also focuses on respecting the cultural and traditional environment preserved from a very long time. Ecotourism enables a more positive approach towards finding a solution for destructive and intrusive tourism. The idea of ecotourism is finely blended with the native cultural, regional, national and international environment sustaining methods.

Eco tourism endeavors to encourage the local economies by supporting their diversities and their culture through safe and unharmed tourism. It is a generally a group effort wherein both the parties, the provider and the tourist work hand in hand to cope with the ever expanding tourism business. The revenue collected from Eco tourism helps governments in supporting the suppressed and backward section of local tourism.

Eco tourism involves natural camping, trekking trips and introduction to a whole new culture.The idea is to insure that the tourists don’t cause any harm or disturbance to the natural surroundings and feel of the region. Responsible ecotourism not only develops the nature, but also helps in building great relationships.

Eco tourism in India is still at a very young stage and thus requires a lot of awareness and conscious efforts. Eco tourism will not only help preserve the old and rich culture, but also put India on the world map of most successful ecotourism destinations of the world.

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