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India has highest growth in domestic air traffic globally

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India is now enjoying status as the fastest growing air travel market globally, according to the International Air Transport Association (IATA). This is thanks to low fares and the introduction of newer airlines that India is currently seeing an increase in the growth in domestic air traffic in the world.

The International Air Transport Association said India’s domestic passenger traffic grew the fastest as compared to the seven major aviation markets of the world, which are Australia, China, Brazil, Japan, Russia and the US. IATA also stated that India’s growth in domestic air traffic was recorded at a whopping 18.3% in August 2015, which reflected the country’s increase in service frequencies and economic strength. China followed India at 13.6% and Russia was at 10.9%.

Although India’s growth in domestic air traffic in August is lower than July’s 28%, it was the fastest increase globally for that month. As compared to August 2014, India’s domestic air traffic in August 2015 increased by 8.4%. “August figures show continuation of the trend of strong demand for air travel, despite some softening in global economic growth, particularly in emerging markets,” said Tony Tyler, IATA’s DG and CEO.

What are your thoughts on India’s remarkable growth in domestic air traffic? Does this herald good days for the Indian travel and tourism industry? Share your thoughts in the comments section!


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