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India homestays

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    May 09 2017

    How to Earn Bookings From Your Listing

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    Homestays are the new catchphrase among travellers. Spending time and money on searching for homestays rather than hotels is what they preach. Owing to the growing need of homestays in India, the listing of properties on various platforms has picked up the pace. With over 5,000 listings across India, you’re up against some serious competition […]

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  • farmstay
    Dec 21 2016

    Farmstays in India that will make you ditch the city life

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    No matter how modern India becomes, its soul will always lie in the countryside. With the rustic charm, earthy charisma and endless acres of swaying crops, this is the place where the real India resides. So ditch the comfort of the Turkish towels and spongy matresses, as the farm life awaits you. We’ve dig up […]

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  • travelguru-homestays
    Oct 17 2016

    Homestays in India: The latest buzz

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    In the past few decades, the number of tourists visiting India has increased exponentially. Not only foreign travellers, but even locals have come out of their shells and started visting every nook and corner of the country. To make their holiday a success story, they care as much about the accommodation as much as the […]

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