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Kerala Boat Races – Another way to Experience God’s Own Country

Kerala Boat Races – Another way to Experience God’s Own Country | Travelguru Blog
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Kerala, fondly referred to as God’s own country, truly lives up to its moniker. The place is full of activity all through the year, with some event or the other taking place. But it is truly during the monsoons and the time post it, that Kerala starts to come into its own. If someone is planning a trip to Kerala, then they should hold out a bit. For their famous SnakeBoat Races that are held on the Saturday during the second week of August each year,is a great time to be visiting the place.

And no, don’t let any jealous, souls mislead you about the race. Snake boat races are quite safe for the record, especially from reptilian attacks. There are no snakes on the boats or anything; it is just the boats that borrow some design cues from the reptiles. One is thus free to enjoy the extravaganza that unfolds before them.

The Kerala boat races are not just another event. They hold great importance from the cultural as well as traditional point-of-view. The races are characterized by the folklore surrounding the event, the excitement, efforts and teamwork of all the people involved. It is this inclusive effort that makes the event the spectacular event that it is, year after year.

Tourism Perspective

Tourism in Kerala is largely dependent on its natural richness and its diverse traditional activities/events. Thus, the boat races offer a huge boost to tourism efforts in Kerala. The most prominent event involves a boat team with 115 to 125 members in it. Every team has 90 rowers with musicians & dancers who motivate their teams by playing and dancing on victory music and folk songs. Villagers from all around Kerala participate in the races for their traditional appeal, fame and the chance of being suitably rewarded.

The Kerala boat race was started to commemorate the visit of India’s first Prime Minister Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru in the year 1952.The Kerala Boat Races are now considered to be an important annual event holding significant cultural importance.Constructing perfect snake boats and using them to their full potential by a dedicated team requires a lot of hard work. Kerala boat race is a definition of this hard work, dedication and achievement. This competition is now celebrated as a festival by the people of Kerala and the tourists who flock in to witness this enthralling event from all around the world.

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