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Learn South Africa programme conducted for travel agents

South Africa
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South African Tourism has adopted an aggressive marketing strategy to enhance tourism in the country and expects a huge jump in the number of Indian travellers to South Africa. South African Tourism is now conducting road shows in several Indian cities to promote the country’s various tourist hotspots. Studies show, Indian tourists’ arrival in South Africa in 2013 was a whopping 1.27 lakh out of which 5 per cent were from Tamil Nadu, said South African Tourism Country Head Hanneli Slabber.

Based on a research done by South African Tourism, Ms. Slabber further noted that Indian travellers are now looking for more experience-based and memorable holidays than simple itineraries. A Learn South Africa training programme was conducted for travel agents in Tiruchi and other districts by Ms. Slabber and the South African Tourism team. The South African Tourism team has selected some major cities in India like Chennai, Tiruchi, Bengaluru, Kolkata, Goa, Pune and Kochi for the Learn South Africa training programme. The team seeks to intensify knowledge about South Africa and its tourist attractions among the leading travel agencies of the country.

Tourism has contributed a major part to the South African economy. As such, Ms. Slabber stated that the country takes tourism quite seriously as it contributes 10 per cent to its GDP. The Indian tourists’ arrival is now expected to double in the coming years.

How would you like to go to South Africa on an adventurous holiday? Share your thoughts about the Learn South Africa programme in the comments below!



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