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Now, submit 4 documents and obtain a passport in India in a week

Indian Passport
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It will be easier now to get a passport in India. In recent developments, it was decided that the process for obtaining a first-time passport will be expedited. The external affairs ministry has announced two major changes that is aimed to help first-time passport applicants to get a passport faster. It will also be more convenient to secure an appointment at the local passport office.

Indian citizens will be given a fresh passport if their application is accompanied with four documents – electoral photo identity card, PAN card, Aadhaar card and an Annexure-I affidavit which has information about your citizenship, family details and criminal record. This will come as a bit of good news for all those people who have been wanting to apply for a passport but have been wary of the lengthy and time-consuming procedure. Earlier, it would take at least a month to obtain a passport in India, and the police verification process would take up a lot of time.

The police verification will be commenced after the passport is issued and no extra charge will be levied for the service. However, this process is subject to online validation of your Aadhaar card number and approval from the granting officer. Anil Kumar Sobti, director of the passport division in the ministry explained, “There are plenty of inbuilt safeguards in our system which can instantly spot fake identities and forgeries. Most importantly, our system is linked to the Aadhaar database which helps conduct real-time verification of the applicant while s/he is still at the passport seva kendra.”

In case of unfavourable police reports, passports may be confiscated or revoked, as well, thus maintaining a certain amount of vigil and security. This is a step in the right direction as far as travel and tourism is concerned, and will also help Indians obtain a passport with the least worries.


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