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Now Travel from Delhi to Agra on a Seaplane!

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Travelling from Delhi to Agra is going to be a trip unto itself in the near future. The Central Government is planning to connect the two cities by seaplanes on River Yamuna, said Union Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari. Besides cutting down the time needed to reach Agra from Delhi, travelling to Agra in a seaplane will be quite an amazing experience, too.

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Gadkari told the Times of India, “The ‘fly boat’ project will start in the next three months. We have also been in discussions with the Airport Authority of India (AAI) in order to frame rules and regulations needed to introduce seaplanes on this route.” Introduction of seaplanes on the Delhi to Agra route will also mean an important point in India’s maritime history.

The seaplanes project was announced soon after the Parliament passed the Indian Waterways Bill on March 11. Apart from this big project, there are a couple of other major projects being planned by the central government, namely hovercrafts and seabuses. The fly boat project will have three stakeholders – Delhi Development Authority, Delhi Jal Board and the transport ministry.

It was also revealed that certain Canadian and Russian companies have expressed interest in supplying seaplanes to India. What are your thoughts on this advancement in the Indian transportation system? Would you like to travel from Delhi to Agra on a seaplane?

Source: India Today

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