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Planning for a vacation in Ooty? Here’s a guide to plan a perfect Ooty holiday

Planning for a vacation in Ooty? Here’s a guide to plan a perfect Ooty holiday
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You have made all your plans and have even decided on a place to go to, but you are still skeptical if your plans will work out properly or not? Worry not.

In this article, we will share some tips and tricks for an amazing Ooty holiday.

  1. Plan a Budget:

The most important thing is to set a budget for your trip. Ooty is not a very expensive city, but it’s always better to keep a set budget for different activities like travelling, shopping, site seeing etc.

  1. Prepare an Itinerary:

Prepare a list of destinations you are planning to visit in Ooty. People avoid preparing an itinerary beforehand and end up in a mess when they plan their trip at the last minute. Avoid such panicky situations by preparing an itinerary for Ooty well in advance. Here’s an example of an itinerary for 2 days of Ooty travel.

Day 1 –

–          Visit Ooty Lake preferably in afternoon. Activities- (boating, cycling, walking, deer park)

–          Thread Garden attractions – (indoor floral garden, handcrafted trees)

–          Doddabetta Peak (highest point in the district) Activities – (Adventure Sports)

Day 2 –

–          Water Falls – Kalhatti located around 13 kms from Ooty ; Pykara Falls located around    19 kms away from Ooty)

–          Mudumalai WildLife Sanctuary

–          Toy Train Ride – Ooty to Mettupalayam

  1. Climatic Conditions:

Ensure that the climatic conditions of Ooty are good and that you have packed your bags accordingly. It is advisable to do a thorough research about the area and the climate in advance to make your trip a successful one.

  1. Carry Necessities and make a note of things you are spending on while on the trip

Necessary items like required clothing, first aid help and other everyday essentials must be kept in handy. When you are in the city, you must take a note of the things you are purchasing and the amount you spend on these things. This will help you in following your already decided budget plan properly.

Ooty is a wonderful hill station and is one of the most famous weekend getaway destinations from Bangalore and Chennai. This city has a rich history of tourism and thus the commercial sector of the city is dependent on travel and tourism. A number of hotels in Ooty offer you various services like sightseeing and adventure sports, so if you don’t wish to take the pains of planning it all out, you can always take Ooty packages offered by various hotels in the city.

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  • Ooty is a perfect holiday destination for Honeymooners & family vacations. Instead of visiting 2-3 days you should plan Ooty for 6-7 days so that you can also visit its nearby destinations like – Bangalore, Mysore, Kodaikanal etc.