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Mother of all Roadtrips! The family that travelled to Paris from Bangalore, by road

Baid Family with their Fiat Linea
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The family that travels together, stays together. And this family certainly knows how to have fun! One fine day, the Baid family from Bangalore decided that they wanted to go for a roadtrip. To Paris. Sounds like a crazy idea but they did it, and they did it in style. They set off in their Fiat Linea and never once looked back. Granted, a roadtrip to Paris from Bangalore seems tiring as anything, but that’s what makes this family a strong team. And this strong team comprises dad Anand Baid, mom Punita Baid and kids Yash and Dhriti. Let’s see how they managed this massive task!

The family had its fair share of trials while on the trip. Setting off on the 8th of April from Bangalore, the Baid family drove through familiar Indian scenes to Nepal right when the earthquake hit. They were stranded in Nepal for 5 days but handled the situation quite bravely and came out smiling. From Nepal, they set out for Tibet and on to Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Iran, Turkey, Greece, Italy, Switzerland, Spain and finally, France. No matter how picturesque and enlightening this route was, it still was a gruelling 15,000 kilometres.

The parents even got special permission from the Principal of the kids’ school, who was quite supportive claims Anand. Amid rising excitement about the trip, concerns mounted, too. Various concerns regarding food, clothing, budget and driving came into the picture. The family being vegetarian carried along their food and even a stove so that they could cook if there ever was a dearth of vegetarian food options. Clothes, they figured, could be bought along the way. And Punita would be driving around 30% of the trip, they decided.

While Dhriti, the youngest, decided she wanted to be the language expert on the trip, Yash, the football enthusiast, was the go-to gadget and map guy for the tour. With a football and several board games in tow, the family was all set for their awesome roadtrip! With a very simple agenda of doing things they liked and seeing places that fascinated them, the family was successful in completing their awe-inspiring roadtrip to Paris from Bangalore in 111 days.

Does this story not inspire you to go travel? Given a chance, where would you go on a roadtrip?


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