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  • rajasthan
    Jan 16 2017

    How to explore Rajasthan like a local

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    Rajasthan is a royalty by all means. From massive hill forts to gleaming palaces, cultural potpourri and vibrant bazaars, the state has everything to the strike the right chord. In addition to restored luxury, the colours, the curlicue mustaches and the brightly hued turbans are impossible to ignore in Rajasthan. If you are planning a […]

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  • winter-destinations
    Nov 23 2016

    Top 6 destinations in India to escape the winter chill

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    ‘I prefer my footprints in the sand to the snow’ – Anonymous There’s a tilt of an axis, a drop in the temperature and everybody’s ready to welcome winters. But if you are like me, who does not want to miss a chance to break away from the cold, consider these 6 destinations across India […]

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