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winter vacations

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    Nov 23 2016

    Top 6 destinations in India to escape the winter chill

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    ‘I prefer my footprints in the sand to the snow’ – Anonymous There’s a tilt of an axis, a drop in the temperature and everybody’s ready to welcome winters. But if you are like me, who does not want to miss a chance to break away from the cold, consider these 6 destinations across India […]

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  • packing-light-for-winter-trip
    Nov 04 2016

    Pack light, pack right with these winter essentials

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    Packing for a beach vacay is easy. Just throw in a few sarongs, swim suits, a sundress, a pair of shorts and some t-shirts, and you are good to go. Packing for a winter travel when you know you want to keep yourself toasty, but without having to carry unwanted weight and bulk through airports […]

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