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  • Jeju Island Korea
    Sep 02 2015

    The top 5 gorgeous offbeat destinations in the world!

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    There comes a time in every traveller’s life when he wonders what’s left to see of the world. After the usually similar looking cities and towns, forests and mountains, bazaars and monuments, there comes an impasse where it’s either you stay at home or discover newer destinations to explore. That is when you log on […]

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  • Around the world
    Jun 29 2015

    London, Bangkok and NY most searched travel destinations

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    According to a recent survey, London has topped the list of the most searched travel destinations by Indian travellers. Followed by Bangkok and New York, cities like Abu Dhabi, Paris and Toronto are the hottest up and coming holiday destinations for Indian travellers, according to a global travel search site. A spokesperson for the travel […]

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  • Party
    Jun 22 2015

    Top 5 party hotspots in the world

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    Parties are a time to just let your hair down and have a good time. It’s a completely different kind of ambience when the drinks are flowing, the music is booming and people are transported into worlds of their own making. There are tons of party destinations all across the world known their exceptionally hip […]

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