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Top 5 party hotspots in the world

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Parties are a time to just let your hair down and have a good time. It’s a completely different kind of ambience when the drinks are flowing, the music is booming and people are transported into worlds of their own making. There are tons of party destinations all across the world known their exceptionally hip and happening parties. Attended by party animals the world over, these parties then become a mishmash of cultures and languages and the atmosphere hums with a dynamic sort of bonhomie. If you’re a party animal and are looking for the best parties in the world, you ought to check out this list of the top 5 party hotspots in the world!

Ibiza, Spain

There aren’t many who aren’t familiar with the famous Vengaboys song “We’re going to Ibiza!” Ibiza has been one of the hottest partying destinations in the world since a very long time. Also known as the World’s Party Capital, Ibiza has the largest club in the world called ‘Privilege’, the hippest party spot. Clubs in Ibiza stay open until six in the morning and it’s considered quite strange for partygoers to call it a night before that time!

Las Vegas, USA

Las Vegas certainly needs no introduction. Sin City, as it is called, is home to America’s most wide-ranging and boisterous parties and other forms of entertainment. It is said that a visit to LA is a must for any true-blue party animal. The possibilities at Las Vegas are endless and you’ll be spoilt for choice by the variety of parties and events you could go to. The tagline “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” is enough said about this vibrant party destination.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio de Janeiro truly has it all; mile-long beaches, gorgeous people and 24/7 parties! If you’re looking to throw caution to the wind and never take off your party hats, Rio is just the place for you. It’s like the parties here don’t end at all! There’s always something going on at the waterfront to entertain you; and the discos and the music don’t stop till the wee hours of the morning.

VIP Party

Mykonos, Greece

For all the pleasure-seeking party people out there, Mykonos has always been one of the most beautiful and dynamic party destinations ever. It’s the most renowned island in Greece for its booming clubs and parties that don’t end until sunrise. Some of the restaurants and clubs stay open 24/7 to accommodate the partygoers and you can party here with absolutely no inhibitions!

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Last but not the least in the list of the top 5 party hotspots in the world, Amsterdam is the city with round-the-clock parties. Most of the clubs in Amsterdam don’t open until midnight and the parties go on till the early morn! And once the parties stop in the morning at some clubs, there are always other clubs hosting after-hours parties! When in Amsterdam, look forward to partying with the most eclectic groups of people you’ve ever seen.

Which of these top 5 party hotspots in the world are you planning to visit next? Which are your favourite party destinations? Let us know in the comments section!

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