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Talgo Trains to make Train Travel Faster, More Comfortable

Talgo Train
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Indian Railways are going to get a much-needed upgrade of luxury plus speed in the near future with the help of Talgo trains from Spain. Talgo trains successfully completed their first trial run between Izzatnagar and Bhojipura stations on the Bareilly-Moradabad route on Friday. The luxury Talgo coaches were pulled by Indian engines and were tested for sensors and derailment.

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The Talgo coaches were run for three hours on the Bareilly-Moradabad route at a speed of 50 kmph. Officials of Talgo trains and Indian Railways were also present during the trial run. This will come as good news for frequent long-distance train travellers who crave a decent amount of comfort and speed on journeys. Another speed trial for these trains will begin on Sunday when the trains will run at approximately 115 kmph. This trial will continue for two weeks after which a test-run between Mathura and Palwal will take place for 40 days at a speed of 180 kmph.

A third trial run will take place between Delhi and Mumbai for two weeks and travellers can look forward to the first Talgo train to run between these two cities. This train is likely to cut down travel time to 12 hours from the current 17 hours by Rajdhani. After more successful trial runs, Talgo trains will be rolled out for even more routes making train travel easier and much more comfortable. Of course, it could mean that train travel will become a little bit expensive but the upgraded comfort and additional amenities may just make it worth it.

Amenities like foot rest, tables, audio/video entertainment, reading lights, more comfortable seating, etc. will mean comfortable and luxurious journeys. What do you think of this addition to the Indian Railways? Will Talgo trains be able to make train travel bearable, even enjoyable, for travellers?

Source: Zee News

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