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This Janmashtami – Do it like Krishna!

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With craze being your friend and fun being your urge, this Janmashtami, get infatuated to the joyous ambiance. Dahi Handi is a festival that gives a lot of unknown faces become adventurous. Out of nowhere, people living in their own cocoon come and display courage with great strength and agility during this fiesta. Supporting each other, holding firmly onto the ones near you, pushing your partners to get ahead of you and bearing the weight of your teammates just to see the tied handi at an elevation broken by someone else. Sounds a saint’s duty, but it becomes a fact when a horde of people unite for one blissful cause keeping their sake aside and prioritizing the cause more than their selves. Probably, the playfulness of lord Krishna shadows his virtuous intentions behind his pranks. He is a true trendsetter of goodness in the name of fun. No matter, how many handis are broken this day, but the thought to unite all of us makes it more worth than we see it as.

There are places all over India, which celebrate lord Krishna’s birthday with sheer excitement and indulge in activities that are good to be known. In fact, there are two places to be at this season. Read ahead to celebrate the festivity with exuberance and unveil the tradition:

Mathura – Birthplace of Krishna

Perhaps, there is nothing as euphonious as a baby’s cry. And probably, this compels the people of Mathura to still celebrate this festival with a unique spirit. The festivity begins a month before the actual date, but the trends, Jhulanotsav and Ghatas are still the same. Jhulanotsov is a ritual where swings are put out in the courtyard, and temples are embellished with rangolis, flowers, and colorful clothes. Its essence is to welcome the infant Krishna to their abode. The other significant ritual is Ghatas where each temple present in the city is bedecked with a set colored theme. In fact, the color chosen is the color of the clothes of lord Krishna. Furthermore, when the Janmashtami day nears, Rasleela performed by children and Jhankis displaying Krishna’s life are showcased in the entire city. Since Krishna was born at midnight, the event after the birth includes giving a bath to the idol with milk and curd, followed by dressing Krishna and placing in the cradle. Furthermore, prayers and hymns followed with cradle rocking is done and then Chappan bhog is offered to lord Krishna.

Vrindavan – Spent childhood days

How wondrous will the sight be to see lord Krishna perform Rasleela? To the folklore’s fact, it is believed that 5000 years ago, lord Krishna used to perform Rasleela with gopis at Madhuban near Yamuna River. Furthermore, there is no person allowed to step this land after dusk, as the belief of people is that Krishna still visits this place to perform Rasleelas with gopis. The entire city gleams with lights and is beautifully colored to welcome lord Krishna. People fast, decorate their homes, cook delicacies and wait eagerly till midnight to perform the rituals to celebrate the birthday of lord Krishna.

So, block your dates to express your love for curd and a roster of joys that brews around. In fact, this year our mischievous and prankster lord Krishna wanted all of us to rejoice the festivity with enthuse and thus gave a gigantic weekend ahead that assures exhilarating moments. So, all his devotees encore his name in unison and plan a holiday that unveils the celebratory fiesta at places other than yours. Let the galore of human pyramids, delectable delicacies, and devotion towards Krishna’s trend be at the apex.

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