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Be a sporty this long weekend!

Adventurous Cycling
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Take off your snazzy clothes and wear the ones that fit your sports’ requirement. This season get along with a bunch of sports enthusiasts, colour your face, blowout your horns, and display the passion you possess for your true love – Olympic. To add more, make sure you reach the crest of your Olympic fever this weekend. With Michael Phelps winning his 23rd gold Olympic medal and Usain Bolt creating history by being the only athlete to win three successive gold medals in 100 m title, there would be nothing better than enjoying a laid-back holiday. And, after watching your favorite athletes earn their medals, let’s not face complacency and flex some muscles to boost the slumbered energy within you. If your favorite sports had kept you awake, then trying your hands on it would be wondrous and awakening your soul.

Let Olympic get you unravel places that lets you experience things you have never imagined before? You have a plethora of options that will surely make you go bananas:

Be a beach pro:

Visit Goa to experiment the not-so-known, but all the more exciting sports such as kneeboarding, wakeboarding or paddleboarding. Instead of just plonking down on the sand or lazing around soaking up the sun, try your hand at something that will leave imprints in your mind. There are tons of beaches to explore these newest sports in Goa, of which Candolim Beach and Rajbaga Beach offer a great experience. In addition to this, Mumbaikars possessing a secret love for speed or seek piece of motivation in water splashes, then sail a yacht in the rumbling waters of Mumbai, which awaits your presence.

Expedition worth experiencing:

If you do not belong to acrophobic clan and wonder how it feels being on the top, then head to mountains for an uninterrupted view of gorged valleys. Rather, get sweaty and indulge in trekking that will pump in some motivation in you or pave through the jungles exploring the wild beasts.  Among the innumerous trekking spots, Stok Kangri, Bara Bhangal or Rupin Pass by Ree are the ones trekkers die to step their foot on.

Keep the bike at bay and travel on a bicycle:

If you are a nature enthusiast and wish to relive your childhood, then travel on a bicycle. One can cycle by the beach or backwaters, rugged mountains or rustic charm under the clear blue skies that will leave you spellbound. Cycle your way from Coorg to Munnar, Shillong to Cherrapunji or Manali to Leh to explore the less travelled routes.

Thinking and awaiting are the flip sides of a coin that germinates from lethargy. So don’t think too much, as it will only make you wait too long. Be a backpacker and head out to destinations like Goa, Munnar or Manali and experience the thrill like never before. Let us know how it feels to be different.

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A travel writer and an avid reader, Shamal has been working with Travelguru for the past 3 years. She truly believes that ‘fear is temporary and regrets are forever,’ so live life to the fullest and smile every moment.

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