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Top 5 Palaces in India to explore with your partner

Sawai Mansingh Palace
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We all know Indian palaces can be quite stunning and leave the most articulate person at a loss for words. The opulence and grandeur of the palace grounds and interiors, and the imposing structure itself is a sight to behold. Taking in this beautiful sight is an experience in itself, but you know what can make this experience a tad bit brighter and lovelier? It is sharing this experience with someone you love. Ancient palaces and mansions have countless stories to tell, some romantic, a few haunting, some of star-crossed lovers, but all with a quality that evoke passion and wonderment. Exploring an age-old palace is a great idea for a romantic getaway with your partner. So, here are Travelguru’s list of the top 5 palaces in India to explore with your partner!

The Lake Palace, Udaipur

Lake Palace

Imagine sailing with your partner on Lake Pichola towards the Lake Palace while the sun is setting in the sky. The peaceful ambience and the quiet cruising cannot get more idyllic. Formerly known as Jag Niwas, the Lake Palace is a luxury hotel today, and is ranked as the most romantic hotel in India.

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Amba Vilas Palace, Mysore

Amba Vilas Palace

AKA The Royal Palace of Mysore, it was built between 1897 to 1912. It was the official residence of the Wodeyar’s, and as such, has quite a rich history attached to it. What can be better than taking a stroll along the palace gardens, hand in hand with your beau?

Laxmi Vilas Palace, Baroda

Laxmi Vilas Palace, Vadadora (Baroda) - India

The Laxmi Vilas Palace is arguably one of the biggest palaces in the world. It is also the seat of the erstwhile royals of Baroda, i.e., the Gaekwads. The Maratha architectural style is prominent and quite breathtaking, both inside and in the way the palace is designed.

Jai Vilas Palace, Gwalior

Jai Vilas Palace

Located in historical Gwalior, the Jai Vilas Palace will surely transport you back in time. Built in 1874, this palace flaunts a European style of architecture – namely Italian, Tuscan and Corinthian. You can take your time basking in the glow of the glorious past of one of the largest princely states on India.

Cooch Behar Palace, Cooch Behar

Cooch Behar Palace

The city of Cooch Behar may be the last of the cities in West Bengal with some traces of the royal history of the state. The Cooch Behar Palace is a majestic remnant of this history. Built in brick in 1887, the Cooch Behar Palace is a good way to explore the elegance and grandeur of the state.

Have you ever visited any of these lovely palaces? Which other palaces would you add to this list of the top 5 palaces in India?

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