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Top 7 Tips to Avoid Jet Lag

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We all love travel, especially to far-off, unexplored places. But not many of us take into account that little thing called jet lag. Most of us get totally wiped out if there is a sudden change in our sleeping and waking cycles, resulting in exhaustion, irritability, listlessness, confusion and a range of other not-so-ideal consequences that can play havoc with your dream vacation. No one would like to be crowned the King/Queen of Petulance, now, would they? So, to save you from this general state of ill humour and ennui, we have here the top 7 tips to avoid jet lag. Read on and ensure you have an incredible holiday!

Adjust your body clock

So, you’ve chosen a faraway destination (say, Mexico) for your next big vacation. You wouldn’t want to miss out on those delish enchiladas, right? Well, jet lag will probably make you. The best thing to do is get accustomed to the sleeping and eating times of Mexico. Do this exercise for at least a week before you set off for your holiday and adjust your internal clock.

Avoid overeating and too much coffee

Avoid eating too much or drinking too much coffee at least 12 hours before your flight. Keep away from those free snacks on the plane, too! Coffee may help keep you awake for a longer time, but once you fall asleep, it can even make you wake up oftener. This results in restive sleep and edginess later on.

Try to sleep on the flight

Time zones

This may seem next to impossible, but catching a few Zs in-flight is a good idea. Travelling by flight is not as comfortable as all that. Travelling in general, can be quite tiring, and the more rested your body is en route the better you will cope once you land.

Drinks lots of water and fruit juices

So you’ve cut back on the coffee and junk food? Great! Now, drink up lots of water and fresh fruit juices and stay hydrated. The idea is to keep your body as moisturised as possible. Carry along a good moisturising lotion and lip balm to keep your arms and face hydrated, as well. Just make sure these items are compliant with the airline’s rules.

Choose an overnight flight

Opting for an overnight flight will help you have dinner at your usual time and you will probably just fall asleep on the flight. Depending on the destination you’ve chosen and the length of the flight, you will likely reach your destination in the morning or afternoon. This will help you reset your clock easily.

Avoid alcohol on the flight

Cabin air can dehydrate you and the high altitudes can enhance the effects of alcohol. This is a bad combination that can cause jet lag to worsen. You can, maybe, limit your alcohol intake to one cocktail, if you simply can’t fly without some alcohol in your system. But do remember, even that one cocktail is enough to dry you out.

Soak up some sun

It’s a good idea to take in some vitamin D once you arrive at your destination. Don’t hurry on into your hotel room to nap, instead, spend some time out in the sun. This will help your body shift its natural clock to one that coincides with your new surroundings.

Travelling long distance can be quite restful if you only adhere to some simple rules. What did you think of our list of the top 7 tips to avoid jet lag? What do you do to beat it?

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