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Top 10 Valentines Day destinations in India

Valentines day with Travelguru
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Valentines Day is just round the corner and it’s time again for lovers all over to show how much their partners mean to them. Elaborate preparations of a candlelit dinner under the sprawling vastness of the night sky sure sounds like an excellent idea. But how about escaping to an exciting new location around the country? Here, at Travelguru, we suggest you some of India’s most romantic getaways.

The vibrant city of Goa is a household name on all travel and holiday lists. A bright sunny morning on the beaches of this city is the perfect example of a laidback experience. Relive those memorable moments of love with your valentines whilst feeling the cushioning, soft sands of the beaches of Vagator, Calangut and Baga under your toes.

Surrounded by imposing snow capped peaks, the valley of Kashmir is a romanticist’s paradise. With a number of lakes to gaze upon and innumerable gardens to take a peaceful stroll in, Kashmir is definitely a heaven for the lovebirds.

Regarded as the most colourful and picturesque part of Kerala, Wayanad is a heaven for honeymooners. Surrounded by imposing hills plunging into misty valleys, and waterfalls thrown into the lakes below, Wayanad surely brings the love quotient up a notch.

This city is home to one of the modern wonders of the world, and also the embodiment of true love, the Taj Mahal. Drown in each other’s eyes amidst a starry night, with the Taj’s marble reflecting the moonlight on to the flowing Yamuna River.

Andaman Islands
Emerald blue water surrounding pristine white beaches is an appropriate description of this tourist hotspot. Explore your adventurous side with a round of scuba diving and some exhilarating water sports. Get away from the world and flock to this discreet location for a quality time.

The contrast of snow white glaciers and green tea plantations, Darjeeling surely makes for an interesting location. Get cozy in the chills of this misty hill station and remind yourself of why you fell in love.

Feel the love, and witness the beautiful sanguine sun as it hides itself into the ochre dunes of Jaisalmer. Explore the culture through the city’s palaces and museums. The Golden City, as they call it, offers numerous moments of romance amidst picture perfect backgrounds.

With its majestic palaces and monstrous lakes, Udaipur shows you love in a way no other city can.  The surrounding hill ranges complete the perfect scene and makes one experience love in a truly royal manner. Impress your valentines with a visit to this marvelous and romantic destination.

A labyrinth of waterways run across this busy city centre, but make your way towards the backwaters and you will know why Alleppey is known as the “Venice of the East”. A day spent in such a wondrous setting reminds oneself of why we fall in love.

The small, yet enchanted valley of Dehradun makes for a cozy setting with your beloved. With some famous hill stations located close by, Dehradun is definitely worth a visit.

So there you have it – the unofficial guide to some of the most beautiful destinations this country has to offer.  Whisk away your partner to one of these locations and let him/her have your utmost and undivided attention.

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  • Saniya

    Thank you for suggesting such lovely destinations. I will surely surprise my love this Valentine.

  • Plan Trip

    nice article, i was looking to visit Kashmir . thnx for the info.

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