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What stops one from Solo Traveling?

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When a journey ends, it brings nostalgia. But, to get this feel you have to be somewhere, offer your presence to an unknown land and explore things around. Probably, this is what we do during our expeditions. With our family and friends around, we chuckle and just do whatever pleases us, however, there is always a flip-side. What if you get an opportunity to just be with you, and no one else around you, whom you know. Sounds weird, doesn’t it? Solo traveling is just being with yourself and exploring yourself, along with places of interest and culture. Although, there are unimaginable thoughts that delve within you acting as a hindrance to your thought of SOLO TRAVELING!

The roster below highlights a few fears that keep you far away from your solo journey:

Fear Of Unknown – 

Fear has no face, but it haunts everyone with its obnoxious spell that counters the positivity held within. To most of us, fear begins with some incident or thoughts shared during early stages of life, but there are people who live in the extremity. They do not know where it comes from, but it exists deep within their abyss of emotions, which hypes with mental negativity. However, there is a solution for every trouble. Your knowledge about the place would add courage shunning the fear within. There are a plethora of websites with travel and hotel related information. In addition, the more you know about the locale and its latest happenings things will smooth and soothe on its own.

Language Barrier

Language barrier is a constant complicacy in everyone’s life. We humans have ourselves created a myriad of languages, and now wonder how do we learn it. Ideally, a language’s existence is based on its importance of sharing our thoughts with others. But, language nazis have drilled some dilemma in our brains that – no language no help. Though the hard truth is you need to be aware of their language, but the fact is you need to learn only a few basic sentences for your survival. Go prepare yourself with basic sentences that would be of utmost importance during your exploration.

Lucky thief

Probably, the day you are robbed, the day you realize how important money is apart from oxygen. Jokes Apart! The chances of getting robbed on a holiday are always 50-50 but is that what stops you from going and exploring. If yes, then things have to be kept under constant surveillance. Of course, your careful vigilance would be of great help during your trip. To add more, the problems and scams in the area that is on your bucket list need to be identified first, along with precautionary steps to avoid the troubles. Keeping your valuables at home, which are not required during the journey would also be a smart move.

Getting lost

Sometimes there are choices that have only one option, you either go with it or are compelled to do it. The best possible way to explore yourself is to get lost. Most of us feel unsafe when imagining this, but there is always a brighter side awaiting to pleasantly surprise you. With respect to getting lost, our technology is so advanced that you can never be lost until you lose technology. Maps come handy, though GPS system is a boon during exploration.

Bad experiences

When your heart and brain become friends they make a decision in unison. Befriend with yourself first and then try looking around. You will find a significant change in your environment, the people would look more genial and approachable. Not negating the thought that there is scope for every negativity your brain imagines, but there is an opportunity area for good things to happen the most. Remember, your affable gestures are always affordable than your grumpy face.

No money, no travel

Perhaps, money is surely the second most important criteria, where first comes the will to travel. This crucial element can make your dream vacation a reality. If not, then it has the temerity to clear your cloud of bliss. To this, not all are blessed with a bulky bank balance and saving for your dream vacation is of utmost importance. Do save regularly and make your dream come true. To add more, things can be expensive, but good research with big savings on hotels would save you a lot more than you can imagine.

Since there is innumerable scope for fear to stop you. However, there are ways to avoid bliss and there are ways to skip negativity, choose wisely.

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