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5 most challenging road trips in India

Road Trip
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“Because the greatest part of a road trip isn’t arriving at your destination. It’s all about the wild stuff that happens along the way” – Emma Chase

India has plenty in store for the travellers at heart, with some of the richest trails and ranges leading to the most beautiful places in the region. If you are the ‘i-want-to-explore-places-without-being-tied-down-with-an-itinerary’ kind of traveller, following these trails is meant for you. What better way to witness the gorgeous mountain ranges, beautiful seaside scenery and lush greenery than to go on a road trip.

We have compiled a list of 5 of the most amazing yet challenging road trips in India.

1. Shimla to Spiti Valley:

Distance: 444 km

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Challenge: A road trip from Shimla to Spiti Valley, unlike other road trips is one difficult ride. With sharp hairpin bends, rocks and gravels laid out on the road, the journey will test your patience and driving skills beyond limit.

What’s Special: The ride will make you come across the most picturesque locations and scenic routes of India. You will also get to see wonderful orchards and beautiful shrines while passing through Kinnaur, Kalpa, Baspa and Kaza.

Best time to Visit: Mid June to Mid October

2. Manali to Leh:

Distance: 490 km

Challenge: This road trip will take you through the highest motorable road in the world i.e. the Khadungla Pass. Amazing, right? But the road that leads to this point ain’t an easy one to travel. You will have to drive through the narrow roads and take sharp (pretty sharp) turns to reach the destination. Some of the roads even get slippery due to the presence of snow.

What’s Special: The beauty of the road trip from Manali to Leh cannot be described in words. It is something to be experienced once in a lifetime. The snow-laden mountains, vast stretches of rocky terrain and grasslands, make the route appear like a reflection of heaven.

Best time to Visit: May to October

3. Kochi to Munnar:

Distance: 130 km

Located deep within the Western Ghats, the road leading to Munnar is steep and has narrow turns. Driving through this road makes for one of the most enthralling experiences ever. There are certain turns on the road which seem to appear out of nowhere and might surprise the driver. Also, it’s recommended to avoid driving on this road at night as the visibility reduces to a great extent because of the fog.

What’s Special: On the way to Munnar, there is Thattekad Wildlife Sanctuary where you can indulge in bird watching or stopover at Valara and Cheeyappara to enjoy the waterfall.

Best time to Visit: October to November and January to May

4. Bangalore to Kolli Hills:

Distance: 258 km

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Challenge: To reach Kolli hills, you need to face 70 hairpin bends, which is quite challenging, by the way. Also, this is the reason that these hills have earned the infamous title of ‘the mountains of death’. So drive safe and make the most of your road-tripping.

What’s Special: Nestled in the Eastern Ghats 1300 meters above sea level, Kolli hills is an unexplored and untouched destination where one can enjoy the tropical climate and waterfall.

Best time to Visit: September to February

5. Chalakudy to Pollachi:

Distance: 130 km

Challenge: Considered as the most beautiful route in South India, the road trip from Chalakudy to Pollachi has its own challenges. During monsoons, a few spell of showers make the road slippery thus making it a bit difficult to ride the bike. Since the entire route is covered with dense forests, wildlife confrontations might also hinder your trip.

What’s Special: Riding on a bike through thick forests, and enjoying the waterfalls, valleys, dams and lofty peaks on the way makes for a memorable experience.

Best time to Visit: No specific season to take this ride

Already restless? Then don’t just keep sitting there. Pack your bags, get on your bikes; and Ready. Set. Zoom.

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