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Top tips for easy acclimatization in Ladakh

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One of the most important things any tour operator or even someone who’s been to Ladakh before will tell you is, you need to get acclimatized or accustomed to the weather and altitude of Ladakh. Ladakh is situated several feet above of what we’re usually used to, so lack of oxygen and a subtle but sure change in the weather are the first things you will notice. Sometimes some people feel a little breathless while others need to be rushed to medical centres to for emergency treatment! However, if you follow certain simple rules of how to go about in this high hilly terrain, you should be just fine. Ladakh is not a destination to be missed, what with its wild, raw beauty, and tough and yet stunning landscape. Check out these tips for easy acclimatization in Ladakh and start planning the trip of a lifetime!

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Gradually increase the altitude

Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS) is a common sight in Ladakh. So, don’t just jump to Khardung La Pass at 18,380 ft right away! Steadily go higher up and try to arrange overnight stays after 1,000 and then after 3,000 ft. There are tons of hotels in Leh that offer the best in comfort and luxury. If you are okay after these altitudes, you may be okay to enjoy much higher altitudes.

Get checked in advance

Pangong Lake

Most people feel the lack of oxygen much more when they travel to Pangong Lake, for which they have to pass by Chang La Pass at 17,500 ft. A word of caution, medical centres in this area are next to impossible to find, so it’s a good idea to get yourself checked for your pulse rate and Blood Pressure before you visit Pangong. There is a hospital at Kharu village that you will pass by on your way to Chang La, so if you feel even a little queasy, make a stop there and get yourself checked.

Keep your hydration levels balanced

Over-hydration can be a problem, too. Keep yourself hydrated with ORS water and other fluids like milk, juice, soup and tea. Don’t overdo your water intake and drink only as much water as your body needs. Avoid too much coffee and black tea.

Keep yourself warm

Acclimatization in Ladakh gets easier if you wear heavy woollens to keep your body warm and insulated. The weather in Ladakh can change any minute and it can start snowing or raining hailstones alternately. Keep your head covered with a light scarf and opt for comfortable, stretchable clothes.

Carry your own medicines

Like we mentioned before, medical centres in some areas in Ladakh are hard to find so if you’re on any sort of medication, carry it with you. A drug called Diamox is available over the counter which can help you deal with headaches, a very common occurrence at high altitudes.

Don’t overexert

There are certain areas and altitudes in Ladakh where you must not exert yourself too much. Some tour operators suggest talking/moving around less and focusing on breathing at some altitudes, so it’s a good idea to follow instructions to enjoy your trip better. Also, check out the best Leh hotels and choose one that suits all your travel needs.

All you have to do to enjoy your trip to the mighty mountains of Ladakh is to follow a few simple rules to avoid AMS. These tips for easy acclimatization in Ladakh will definitely come in handy!

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