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India ranks 52nd in global travel and tourism list

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In another major boost to the Indian Travel & Tourism Industry’s morale, India has ranked 52nd in the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) global travel and tourism list. India moved up 13 places on the list of countries ranked for their travel and tourism competitiveness. Spain has topped this list followed by France, German, the US, Britain, Switzerland, Australia, Italy, Japan and Canada in the top 10.

The global travel and tourism report also said that along with India’s economic growth, the country is also growing as a top business travel destination. Previously, India had ranked 65th in the Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Index (TTCI) in 2013. This year’s report features the latest version of the TTCI and ranks 141 countries across 14 dimensions. The areas where India lags behind are health and hygiene and information, communications and technology readiness.

“India takes the 52nd place overall. T&T (travel and tourism) already accounts for 5 percent of India’s employment and its huge potential for further growth is made visible by comparing the country’s 7 million international visitors to China’s 55 million,” said the report. The report also showed concerns over India’s unsettling security situation, while stating that the country ranked 139th for environmental sustainability. “Many countries should still do more to tackle travel and tourism challenges, including visa policies, better promotion of cultural heritage, environmental protection and ICT readiness,” said WEF economist Roberto Crotti.

What according to you should India have ranked in the global travel and tourism list? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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