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An ode to the most popular Indian delicacies – Part 1

Butter Chicken
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India is the land of food. No, we aren’t exaggerating; you will find the best of all worlds here, but what comes out the winner is our very own Indian food. Flavourful and drool-worthy, Indian food will make you cry tears of frustration after you eat a particularly spicy dish, or make you grin in gastronomic satisfaction after partaking of a particularly delectable sweet treat. Nothing can prepare you for the sudden, but oh-so-delicious, assault of tastes and aromas that hit your senses in an Indian food restaurant, making your mouth water instinctively. It’s because of this and a million other reasons that we decided to list down the most popular Indian delicacies, from our hearts to yours.

Butter chicken

We’re sure your mouth started watering the moment you read the name. Oh yes, we’re big fans of this creamy chicken dish as are thousands other fellow Indians. Nothing beats the ambrosial aroma of hot butter chicken with naan or rotis on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Yes, absolutely nothing.

Pav bhaaji

A generously tangy tomato dish had with laadi pao, Pav Bhaaji is something that a majority of the vegetarians swear by. It could be eaten for breakfast, lunch, as a quick snack and even as dinner. It’s an all-time dish that is an all-time hit with us Indians and with a dollop of butter on top? Oh my God, just thinking about it makes the tummy growl!

Dal Makhani

This dish made of lentils and kidney beans is quite a favourite in North India. Cooked in tangy masala with a rich texture with spoonfuls of fresh cream added to it, Dal Makhani is a wonderfully fragrant and tasty dish that can be had on its own or with rice and rotis. Dal Makhani is also called, quite aptly, Maa di daal.



These Goans sure know how to cook up a meat dish! Vindaloo is traditionally a fiery dish made of pork but many restaurants serve it with chicken and lamb. This curry-based dish is sometimes cooked with meat and potatoes, but the traditional version does not include potatoes. But potatoes or no potatoes, Vindaloo is one reason all of us love Goa!

Gajar ka halwa

How incomplete this list of the most popular Indian delicacies be if we failed to mention Gajar ka halwa! Does this heart-stoppingly delicious dish even need an introduction? Made from grated carrots, milk, dried fruits, this dessert also sometimes features pedha in the mix. It doesn’t matter if you eat it hot or cold, if you love Gajar ka halwa, it will surely love you back. Also, try eating it with some hot-from-the-frying-pan puris… tastes heavenly!

Now that we have listed down the most popular Indian delicacies for you, what are you trying out today? Also, watch out for Part 2 of this ode to delicious Indian food. Coming soon to tease your tastebuds!

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