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Goa — Frolic to your heart’s content!

Goa beach
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Why, when we think of Goa, do we always think of the sun, sand, sea and a lot of fun and relaxation? There’s never a negative thought that comes to mind when we talk about this tiny, beautiful state… we get only good vibes from Goa! Not only is Goa the most preferred place for getaways, but it also doesn’t cost a bomb to take a vacation there. Tons of hotels in Goa offer tons of deals and discounts that will not empty your wallets. And once you go to Goa there’s no coming back. Your heart and mind stay behind and you keep looking for reasons to go to Goa as often as you can.

The best thing about Goa is that you feel right at home for the entirety of your stay.  Several hotels in Goa offer you a home-like environment, with extremely kind and friendly hosts, scrumptious homemade Goan food, and a laid-back atmosphere that makes you feel relaxed and calm. Then, when you’re ready to jump into the excitement of the evenings, Goa also offers you places to go to and things to do that make you feel more alive than ever.

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Top things to do in Goa

Apart from the more obvious things you could do in Goa like water sports, relaxing on the beach, partying and visiting touristy spots, there are a lot of off-beat activities that you could indulge in. More often than not, going with the flow is the best approach to take in Goa. But if you want a more planned trip, here are the top things you simply must do in Goa!

  1. Instead of booking a stay in one of the star hotels in Goa, book a beach hut that will offer you an honest-to-goodness view of the sea. This in itself is a must-have experience. Waking up to the sunrise and the sound of the sea waves? Who doesn’t dream of that!
  2. All hotels in Goa offer Goan cuisine. But you know where you can find authentic, absolutely drool-worthy Goan cuisine? Try out one of the local beach shacks. Cherry on top is you can lounge by the sea and binge on your Goan food and a chilled beer!
  3. The best way of experiencing Goa is to move around on rented bikes. Feel the cool wind blow over your face and the winding roads show you the way. Nothing beats exploring Goa on a bike.
  4. Visiting a spice plantation is one of the most refreshing and novel things to do in Goa. Goan cuisine is nothing without its spices. As such, there are several spice farms here and a walk through these aromatic plantations is a must-do.
  5. If you love Goan cuisine and want to take back a few yummy Goan recipes, take a trip to Siolim. Enhance your cooking skills by enrolling in one of the cooking classes offered by The Siolim Cooking School.

Next time you visit Goa, make sure you do these things and much more. When you come back, drop us a line about your Goan experience!

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