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#VacationHoroscope: Where to travel as per your zodiac sign

Travel Horoscope
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“The stars will guide you to your next travel destination” – anonymous

It’s almost end of the year and you have only used a few of your vacation days. We know picking a travel destination can be a tricky task, but we will make it as simple as throwing a dart at a map. There are a number of ways to choose your destination, but if you are looking for something unconventional, let’s try choosing the place based on your zodiac sign.

Aries: Most active travellers


These can be found in every nook and corner of the country. They seek to explore the unexplored and are adventure enthusiasts. They would be rather skydiving and rock climbing than sunbathing. Ideal places for them to travel are Leh Ladakh, Lahaul-Spiti, dramatic landscape of Sikkim and Meghalaya.

Taurus: Laziest of all


Taureans love to seek places that will offer a soothing and a relaxing time. Think of lying in a hammock on the beaches of Goa, Daman or Port Blair in silence and peace.

Gemini: Most adaptable persons


They love to travel with their friends and family, and will hop on a tour bus to see anything and everything that comes along the way. They like getting lost, meeting new people and absorbing different cultures. Ideal places to visit will be Himalayan region or a wildlife safari.

Cancer: Water lovers


The people with this zodiac sign loves water as much as a person loves a day off from work (don’t we all?). The moment one proposes a beach holiday, Cancerians are ready to travel with them. Pick any place with a sea, beach or a river and you are good to go.

Leo: Determined travellers


From choosing their destination to making stay arrangements, Leos do everything with great determination. Their travel plans are said to reflect royalty and elegance. A luxury holiday in Rajasthan or a stay at Lake Palace in  Udaipur will be an ideal way to unwind.

Virgo: Well-managed globetrotters


A skillful holiday is what lies in the list of these travellers. They are not adventurous in nature but love to plan and make sure everything is well managed during the trip. They would prefer a holiday in Rajasthan or Karnataka than in an off-beat location.

Libra: Hopelessly romantic


They love to plan a quick getaway to a romantic location with their beloved. In addition, they like trying out unique food and wine, and make their sweetheart taste the same. Their ideal destination would be a backwater holiday in Kerala.

Scorpio: Mystery lovers


Sticking to a diverse landscape, these are passionate and philosophical travellers. They are capable of withstanding any climatic condition and must opt for a trek in North.

Sagittarius: Inborn travellers


Being an avid traveller, they love adventure and leisure holidays. Trying to escape the crowd, they can travel to any destination that offers a peaceful vacation. One can find them enjoying themselves in Kutch (Gujarat) or far North East India.

Capricorn: Take me anywhere kinda travellers


Just say ‘holiday’ and one will see them with their bags packed. They love to travel, but accompanied by hi-fi people. For those with this zodiac sign, ideal places to travel would be Kerala, Rajasthan and Goa.

Aquarius: Leisure holiday lovers


They are the revolutionary, the weirdo and the one who wants to change everything. They love a change of course and would want to travel to Kerala or Srinagar, or wait, they might change it to something adventurous at the last moment.

Pisces: Kindest travellerss


Even if they themselves don’t want to go out on a vacation, they would probably be helping others plan their vacation. So people from all zodiac signs can turn up to Pisces for any travel plan.

Hope this little crystal gazing by Travelguru help plan your vacation.

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