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Greek Tragedy? Not really, tourism in Greece continues to flourish

Greece Economy Crisis
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In the wake of the recent Greek financial crisis, news of tourism to the country comes as somewhat of a breath of fresh air. In fact, the influx of tourists in 2014 contributed around $32.7 billion, making up greater than 17% of Greece’s GDP. And as of now, there seems to be no problem whatsoever, according to President and CEO of the World Travel and Toruism Council (WTTC) David Scowsill. He adds, “Greece is a good value for money destination, a famous getaway for Europeans. Diffciulties, if any, will come up later in the process.”

As per the latest statement by the Economy, Infrastructure and Tourism Ministry of Greece, an equivalent of $67 per day is the maximum permissible withdrawal limit from ATMs for the citizens. The latest developments will not affect tourists in any manner, according to Alternate Tourism Minister, Elena Kountoura. In spite of this, people are preparing for the July 5 referendum wherein a decision regarding the latest bailout deal will be taken.

Tourism accounts for a major part of Greece’s economy, owing to the absence of industries such as the heavy industry or mining. The industry contributes to 9.4% of the total employment of Greece, and in the summer it opens up opportunities for the youth, who have been affected the most, with part-time jobs.

No matter what the economic situation of Greece shows, the concerned authorities are very assured of the fact that tourists will not face any dilemmas during their sojourns and business will go about as usual.


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