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Travelling by railways to get costlier; hike in tatkal and AC fares

Indian Railways
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For many, travelling by train presents a feasible and convenient option as compared to travelling by private vehicles or flights. But the railways have made it a tad bit difficult for travellers to enjoy this luxury. You can now expect a hike in tatkal and AC fares as the railways hiked the charges starting December 25, with an aim to boost passenger revenue collections. According to a railway notification, you will have to pay Rs. 25 more for a previously Rs. 175 tatkal booking for Sleeper Class and Rs. 400 instead of the Rs. 350 for AC-3.

The minimum tatkal charge for Sleeper Class was Rs. 90, which has now been hiked to Rs. 100, according to reports. A thing to be noted is, the minimum and maximum charges will be decided on the travel distance. For AC-2 passengers, the tatkal ticket prices have been hiked to Rs. 400 as opposed to Rs. 300 earlier, while the Executive classes may have to pay a minimum tatkal charge of Rs. 400 instead of Rs. 300, and a maximum of Rs. 500 from Rs. 400.

A breather for Second Class sitting is that the rates for tatkal booking have not been changed and are the same with Rs. 10 and Rs. 15 being the minimum and maximum respectively, depending on the travel distance. The railway software will be updated according to the new fares soon.

While these changes will be seen as uncalled for by a majority of the working classes, what remains to be seen are the advancements they bring to the railways. Will this also result in a dip in the percentage of railway travellers? What are your thoughts on the hike in tatkal and AC fares?


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