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Top 5 Adventure Activities for Kids

Kids Trekking
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Whenever vacation time rolls around, the first thing that comes to the mind of most adults is “How do I keep the kids engaged this vacation?”. Sometimes it just gets crazy difficult to keep the kids occupied, and most of them end up playing video games or lazing around all through the holidays, both of which are not the best options. Family vacations are a great idea but most of the times kids just get bored with travel and find no interest in exploring new places.

The best way to indulge the enthusiasm and liveliness of children is enrolling them in some harmless but exciting adventure activities. There are many adventure activities designed especially for children that are manageable and not very difficult. These activities will teach your kids how to be quick thinkers, how to trust themselves and others, and team spirit. Not only this, but your kids will also remain active and become outdoorsy and streetwise! Here are the top 5 adventure activities for kids that you and your little ones can try out!


Camping is one of the most fun outdoor activities that children can participate in. The very idea of pitching a tent and spending a night in the open, under the night sky, is exhilarating for most. Not to mention camp fires and delicious barbecues! Just carry along a sleeping bag, a travel pillow, and some camping essentials and get going!

Where: Lonavala, Matheran, Kolad

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Zip Line


What’s more fun than pretending you are Tarzan and zipping between the trees? Zip lining is an up and coming adventure sport that comprises a pulley attached to a cable that is mounted on a slope. You just have to use the pulley to zip you down the slope and reach the other end! The activity is fast, fun and so very thrilling!

Where: Della Adventures, Lonavala; Flying Fox, Neemrana Fort Palace


Being a tactical sport, Paintball, if played right, can be pretty painful too. This is why it is recommended only for ages 12 and above. A sport that requires team work, strategy and stealth, Paintball is a good experience for the more adventurous kids. Do remember that the paint balls actually can bruise, so no hitting sensitive and/or unprotected areas of the body!

Where: Action Paintball, Andheri (W); The Paintball Co., Gurgaon; Headrush, Powai

Camel riding

Though camel riding may not seem much like a difficult thing, it sure is exhilarating and enjoyable. Your friendly-looking camel can be quite feisty and riding one can be quite bumpy! The very climb onto the camel’s back and then the camel rising to its feet is such a thrilling experience! That is offset with the slow gait of the animal, and attempting not to fall off it… that’s fun, too!

Where: Nubra Valley, Ladakh; Jaisalmer and Bikaner, Rajasthan


Trekking is super exciting, both for adults and kids. There are several trek groups that take out easy, moderate and difficult treks through the year, all over India. Start off with some easier trails and try out more tricky ones once the kids get the hang of it. Nature walks are the best way to introduce your children to the idea of trekking!

Where: Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Mumbai; Ajoba, Asangaon

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Now that you know the top 5 adventure activities for kids, which activity would you try out first? Share your thoughts in the comments section!

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