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How ‘No Cash’ can buy you happiness

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A cashless economy? Who would have thought that currency notes of INR 500 and INR 1000 will merely be a piece of paper from today. In a speech last evening, the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi announced that “these notes will not be a legal tender from midnight tonight”. This step has been taken to combat corruption and black money. Where some people believe that the decision will be disruptive for the short term, we’ll give them the reasons to go cashless and yet, stay happy.

  1. Digital payments to the rescue: Whenever you feel, there’s no one by your side, keep in mind that there’s always Internet to walk you through the difficult times. Right from making online payments to processing bills, hotel reservations and locating your near and dear ones, digitilisation has swept across every aspect of your daily lives. So put your mobile phones, tablets and computers to use and go digital.
  2. No room for borrowers: See, Mr. Narendra Modi has simplified your life so much. Now you can say ‘No’ to all those ‘We’ll-return-your-money-on-time’ borrowers. This is one of the most guilty-free strategies that anybody could think of.
  3. COD to be a thing of past: Okay, this might not be the happiest thing about going cashless for a few, who send gifts to their friends with COD as the option (you evil people), but those who were on the receiving end would surely be jumping with joy. Our sympathies with the evil and our love with the rest!
  4. Spare yourself from unneeded expenses: Having an extra cash in your wallet means an unplanned purchase or spending money on food that you should have avoided eating (as per your diet plan). So it’s better to go cashless and give your wallet and diet some rest.
  5. An excuse to skip office (not really!): Yea, yea, we can see your hidden smile. No cash means no way to pay your auto or taxi driver, so it’s better to stay home and relax for a day or two. Inform your boss, and who knows he/she might also like the idea.

Currency ban might not ‘sound’ good, but it must be here to ‘do’ good. More power to India and it’s economy!

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