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Parisian Romance – Top 5 Things to do in Paris

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There’s nothing about Paris that isn’t romantic. The quiet alleyways, the shaded boulevards, the cobblestone streets… everything whispers love, passion and charm. No holiday in this French city can be dull and no couple will ever go back home disappointed. Be it looking down at the Parisians from your vantage point up on the Eiffel Tower or just snacking on some deliciously flaky croissants with your beloved, the simplest act will be transformed into something romantic and lovely if you are in Paris. Here are the top 5 things to do in Paris, if you find yourself planning a surprise holiday for two in the city of love. Go on and make your partner feel special!

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Of course, climb the Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower

And why-ever not? It’s not for nothing that the Eiffel has become the epitome of love and romance in modern times. People may say it’s overrated, but then, taking in panoramic views of the whole city while sipping on some bubbly can be pretty damn romantic. If you want to up your love game, propose to your special one on the Eiffel Tower and make them yours for life!

Stroll along the Seine

Tango by the Seine

One of the longest and the most charming rivers of France, Seine is for the hopeless romantics that just can’t see beyond love. If the weather plays nice you may just be able to catch couples dancing the tango at the mini amphitheatres along the Seine. If you can’t do the tango, don’t worry, you can simply hold hands with your partner, sip on some wine and observe.

Explore the Temple of Love

Temple of Love

Also called the Temple Romantique, the Temple of Love is a fairytale place that is located on an island in the middle of a lake in the Bois de Vincennes. Built in 1860, this temple is a little known spot that you can access by a bridge across the lake or rent a boat to row across it. There’s also a lovely grotto to one side of the lake which makes the trip here even more special.

Take a ride in a vintage car

Vintage Car

How amazing it would be to sit in the back-seat of a vintage Citroen like a 70s Hollywood star while you’re driven through all the best spots in the city. And this is exactly something you can surprise your partner with! An open-roof tour of Paris in a retro convertible is all levels of romantic with your French driver leading the way and showing you all the delightful sights of the city!

Dine at one of the many cosy restaurants

Paris restaurants

There are hidden alleyway restaurants in Paris and there are the fine-dine ones. Honestly though, sipping on some red wine and nibbling on a baguette in a street-side cafe is much more enticing. Paris is filled with many such secluded cafés and restaurants and they’re always a tad bit more cosy and charming than the fine-dine restaurants with their multi-course meals and unnerving wine collections.

Have you ever been to Paris and done any of these things before? If not, which of these top 5 things to do in Paris will you be doing?

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