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The Essential Ladakh Checklist

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Come June and people start looking forward to plan their trips to Ladakh; June to September being the best months to visit this hilly region. Beautiful and surreal, Ladakh will steal your heart away with its lofty peaksmany a times snow-cappedold-world Buddhist monasteries, sparkling lakes and colourful prayer flags. It’s at once charming and dangerous – the narrow, winding mountain roads can be scary as well as captivating. With the mountains changing colours depending on the landscape and the lakes flaunting ripples just like an unruly sea, Ladakh has a cornucopia of flora and fauna that will take your breath away. But while you’re packing up trendy winter-wear and stylish leather shoes for the gazillion photo-ops, make sure you pack up some really important things, as well. Check out the essential Ladakh checklist and go shopping right away!

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Medical supplies

First aid kit

  • Carry a high SPF sunscreen lotion as you will easily get tanned under the Ladakhi sun no matter what season it is

  • A good moisturiser and lip balm as your skin will get dry and your lips will get chapped

  • A tablet called Diamox will help you overcome headaches, breathing problems and a host of other altitude related health issues

  • Pain relievers like Moov and Relispray will help combat sprains and other muscle strain

  • Camphor, as it helps in breathing at high altitudes

  • Remember, hospitals are few and far in between in the mountains of Ladakh, so do carry a first aid kit



  • A few pairs of socks to keep your feet warm and comfortable

  • Comfortable sports/running shoes with strong soles

  • A set of thermals in case it gets a little too cold

  • Heavy woollen clothes like sweaters, jackets, mufflers

  • It may suddenly rain in Ladakh so you must be prepared for it with a rain jacket or raincoat



  • Don’t forget to pack a pair of really good torches and extra batteries

  • Carry your mobile charger as well as an external power bank, just in case

  • A good camera will let you capture the amazing sights of Ladakh in the best way

Other Accessories

Other Accessories

  • A hat, sunglasses and scarf are a must to shield your skin and eyes from the sun and the dust

  • A pair of light gloves

  • A sturdy plastic/paper bag

  • A nail-cutter and multi-tool knife

Have you been to Ladakh before? Which other essentials would you add to this list of the essential Ladakh checklist?

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