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Reliance on smartphones on the rise with Indian travellers

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More and more people are becoming tech-savvy, nowadays. Right from children to the older generation, everyone is, slowly but surely, realizing the importance of technology, especially smartphones, in today’s fast life. You can check your emails on it, chat with your loved ones at a minimal cost, make video calls, hold group calls, click and send pictures over the internet, find your way on GPS if you’re lost and so much more! Carrying a smartphone along while travelling is much like being guided by a seasoned guide. It’s for these reasons, and many more, that the reliance on smartphones is on the rise with Indian travellers.

A study revealed that 80% of the time, Indians liked to carry along their smartphones to keep up with their work even while on vacation. The urge to read work emails and generally keep in touch with your world back home is growing, thus also resulting in a growth on the dependence on smartphones. According to the study, Indians led the way where reliance on smartphones was concerned with 80%, followed closely by Thailand at 74% and Mexico at 65%.

“In India, constant connectivity is a priority when mobile devices are carried in hand from work to home and now on vacation too. When we’re more efficient and productive using mobile devices and apps that provide a seamless experience, the quality of our vacation improves and the work-life balance can be prioritized,” a spokesperson for the study said. Furthermore, it was revealed that about 29% of Indians checked their emails, texts and voice mails. Indians, about 13% of them, also checked in on work for at least an hour daily. About 74% Indians asked for Wi-Fi in cafés or restaurants while on vacation.

While this may seem like a new, progressive trend, many would think of it as just an interruption on their holiday. What do you think of this growing reliance on smartphones? Do you check in on work while on vacation?


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