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Top 5 countries for solo travellers

Solo travel
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Solo travel today, is as much a necessity as a fad. There are places and experiences that all of us want to see and experience on our own, and in the process, discover ourselves. It helps build trust and confidence on ourselves and people around us, and gives us a chance to detach from the rest of the world, even if for a little while. This detachment and time off is exactly what today’s high-flyers need. And it’s not just the peace and calm that you get to experience when you travel solo, it’s also the beautiful sights, sounds and people that you come across that help you evolve into a much better, empathetic and confident person. So while you ponder over all this, check out this list of top 5 countries for solo travellers and start planning your solo trip!

Costa Rica: With a happiness ranking of 1 by the Happy Planet Index, Costa Rica is everything and more for a trip all by your lonesome. This is why it ranks first in our list of top 5 countries for solo travellers, as well. This tropical adventure-land in Central America will blow you away with its easy charm and fun-loving people. If you’re looking for peace, Costa Rica has it; if you’re looking for adventure, you will surely find something you like; if you’re looking to mingle, Costa Rica has got you covered and if you’re looking to lose your heart to the country, chances are, you’ve already lost it.

Vietnam: This Southeast Asian country is found to be the second happiest country in the world and the reason is apparent. Vietnamese food is delish, the streets are colourful and safe, the people are perky and welcoming and the atmosphere in the country itself is joyous. It is a mishmash of experiences and emotions as you witness the beauty and then the thrill, the funny and then the driven sides of the country. Vietnam comes with a culture that is fascinating and rich, but which also promotes a lighter and happier way of life.

New Zealand: A trip to the fabled land of the hobbits is sure to leave you refreshed and happy. Apart from the obvious hobbit infestation (we’re kidding, of course. Or are we?) solo travellers can also delight in the glaciers, rainforests and the peaks of the Southern Alps. Those with an adventurous streak can get their adrenaline roaring with bungee jumping, hiking and jet boating. This safe and happy country is also great for some people-meeting! Some of the sweetest and kindest people live here so making friends is a bonus you can earn while in NZ.

Switzerland: Known for its people who prefer to keep to themselves and let you be, Switzerland is the perfect choice for people who want to travel alone. You can do your own thing and not be bothered by anyone, thus letting you enjoy your “solo trip” in the real sense of the term. Go hiking in the beautiful Swiss Alps and enjoy the clear, fresh air while you’re at it. Start with the charming capital Bern and follow it up with Geneva where you can shop to your heart’s content, and then visit Zurich, for its beautifully distinctive character.

Indonesia: Indonesia is golden for solo travellers who want to keep it easy on the pocket. Cheap food and lodging is aplenty in Indonesia along with the chance to experience one of the richest cultures in the world. For spirituality seekers and lone travellers who just want some peace and quiet, Indonesia, and especially Bali, has been a go-to destination for a very long time. Picture yoga by the sea and soothing massages and you will have all this and much more in this tranquil country. Truly a land of myriad adventures—spiritual and otherwise—Indonesia will slowly but surely charm its way into your heart.

So, out of these top 5 countries for solo travellers, which one are you planning to visit? It’s high time you took an exciting solo trip!

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