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#TGNavratriDhoom: 9 things to expect during Navratri!

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It’s that time of the year when some look forward to the garba nights and others want to join in the grand Durga Puja celebrations. People’s enthusiasm and post Navratri withdrawal symptoms can be seen in every nook and corner of the city. The excitement levels are on an all-time high and here is a list of 9 things you should be ready to experience in the coming days.

1. Girls on a shopping spree: The 9 nights of Navratri calls for 9 different outfits. So get ready to witness girls stocking up their wardrobes with the latest trends in Ghaghra Cholis, accessories and a lot more stuff.

Navratri shopping

2. Navratri dance rehearsals: It’s time to twirl and swirl! From garba to dandiya, you can find people from all age groups gearing up ahead of the festival and rehearsing on their favourite songs.

Navratri dance rehearsal

3. Falguni Pathak Posters: Every year after hibernation, Falguni Pathak comes into action during these 9 days. Known as the queen of garba, she performs at different venues throughout Navratri.

Falguni PathakPicture Courtesy:

4. People heading to Gujarat: Gujarat being the only state that sets into a nine-night dance festival, attracts a lot of people from across India. The sounds of dandiya sticks and dhol can be heard throughout the city. For those of you who are planning to visit Gujarat can check out Navratri hotel deals at Travelguru.

Gujarat in Navratri

5. Well stocked kitchen: From people who are fasting to the one’s who aren’t, everybody stocks their kitchen with the delicious snacks and sweets. So, it’s time to rejoice for all the foodies.

Navratri food

6. Dandiya sticks on sale: Even small stationary shops start selling dandiya sticks weeks before the celebration. You will find colourful, wooden sticks and thin, long, metal sticks hanging at almost every shop in the market.

Navratri dandiya

7. Boom in tattoo industry: With all the girls getting their backless cholis stitched, it’s time they get traditional tattoo designs to flaunt their backs.

Navratri tattooPicture Courtesy:

8. Pandal Hopping: The colourful and beautiful pandals are set up across the city, bringing in the festive spirit and spreading happiness all around.

Durga Puja Pandal

9. Food Stalls: Turning Navratri’s fasting into feasting, the food stalls set up in different areas attract a lot of foodies. From snacks to street food and main course, these food stalls serve everything to the guests.

Navratrio food stallsPicture Courtesy:

With Navratri just round the corner, we hope you curb out the evils that dwell within you and around you, and have the best of everything during these nine days.

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