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Yoga for travellers

Yoga While Travelling
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“A day without yoga is like a sundae without sprinkles” – Emma Mildon

A leisure or business trip can be exhausting for the mind and body. Therefore it’s important to maintain a sense of balance to calm down your spirit and ease out the tension. What else could be better than being a travelling yogi. All you need to do is find some time to squeeze in your practice and voila!

Here are a few tips for those who are continuously on a travelling spree and want to maintain their yoga practice on the go.

Don’t be shy: Whenever and wherever you get time, let your inner yogi shine. If you have a long layover, you can practise yoga in the airport itself. As soon as you will get over your shyness and start with the yoga in public places, you will feel a sense of liberation.

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Always bring your yoga playlist on your phone: Every time you will plug in your earphones and listen to the calming music, it will remind you to relax and let go. This will help calm your mind and clear your energy.

Yoga Playlist

Take out time to connect with your authentic self: This can be best achieved early in the morning i.e. between 4 am to 7 am. You can perform any sort of Sadhana, be it yoga, meditation or breathing exercises. Any effort to connect your individual mind with the universal mind will lead to self-victory.

Morning Yoga

Try restorative yoga: After a long and exhausting journey, it can be hard to sleep in a different bed and surrounding, especially at the first night you arrive at your destination. To avoid restlessness and sleeplessness, you can try a few restorative poses such as a child’s pose, legs up the wall pose and reclining hero pose.

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Don’t forget to carry a yoga mat: Even if you are on a trip, there might be a time when you have nothing to do except from sitting and relaxing. You must make the most of that time by taking out your yoga mat and practising some asanas in the open air.

Yoga Mat

Skipped by a day’s practice? Don’t feel guilty: While you are enjoying your travelling, the last thing you would want to do is ‘feel guilty’ about skipping yoga for a day. So practice gratitude for that day. Mentally repeat ‘Thank you’ to soothe your senses and open your heart.


Research local classes: If you are having a long-term travel plan, you can search for a local studio in the area, where you can immerse in your practice. There you will get inspiration, and can take everything you have learned as you continue on the road.

Yoga classes

Try the hotel classes: Nowadays, many hotels in India host specialized yoga retreats. So don’t hesitate to enquire about the same with your hotel manager.

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Plan your next trip and don’t forget to add a little flexibility to your travel routine.

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