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Kashmir For The Foodies – Top 5 must-try Kashmiri Delicacies

Rogan Josh
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Kashmir is not just lofty mountains and picturesque views; it is also lovely people, grand old architecture and yes, delightful food! There’s so much in Kashmir that is a treat for all your senses, but the food is something else altogether. Kashmir is a foodie’s delight and has a lot to offer no matter what your taste. There are tons of sweets to try out and many spicy flavourful dishes that will make your taste-buds tingle. There are several hotels in Kashmir that have in-house restaurants that offer delicious authentic Kashmiri food. Here are the top 5 must-try Kashmiri delicacies that you must have!

Dum Aloo

Kashmiri food isn’t just about the meat and fish! It is as much a treat for vegetarians as it is for non-vegetarians. Dum Aloo or Dum Olav is one of the most-loved delicacies in Kashmir and the vegetarians just love it! Made with potatoes, yoghurt, ginger powder and other spices, Dum Aloo can be eaten with some hot rotis or naan.

Rogan Josh

No matter where in India you’re from, once you tell someone you’re visiting Kashmir for a holiday they’ll tell you to try out some lovely Rogan Josh. A must-try for meat lovers, especially those who love lamb, Rogan Josh is a fragrant lamb dish that is filled with caramelised onions, yoghurt and spices. This hot dish is best eaten with naan or some hot rice.


Kashmiri Kahwa

Made with special tea leaves and garnished with sliced almonds, cinnamon and saffron, Kahwah is a Kashmiri tea that will calm all your senses. This unique herbal tea may take some time to grow on you, but once it does, you won’t be able to have enough of it. A great rejuvenating beverage if you’re tired after your long day out exploring the town!


Nothing can be more authentic that some yoghurt-drenched Yakhni in Kashmir. This dish is as Kashmiri as it gets! Flavoured with cardamoms, onions, mint leaves, and yoghurt, this lamb-based dish is lovely if teamed with hot rice.


Another delicacy for the true-blue vegetarians, Chaaman is a popular dish in Kashmir, especially during important and festive occasions like birthdays and weddings. It is made by first making paneer and then frying it and mixing it in a turmeric gravy.

Visit Kashmir this holiday season and check in to one of the fabulous hotels in Kashmir for a great trip. Don’t forget to get a taste of these top 5 must-try Kashmiri delicacies! Share your Kashmir experiences in the comments section below!

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