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Travel resolutions to make in 2017

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So here we are – almost done with 2016 and all geared up to welcome 2017. A new year, a clean slate and a lot many opportunities for a new start. And what better way to grab the very first opportunity and scribble some New Year’s resolutions to make (and not to break) in the coming year. While it’s easy to stray from most of the resolutions, one would do his/her best to keep those travel resolutions intact. After all, exploring the world is a lot more fun than exercising or eating healthy. So here’s a list of travel resolutions, you can feel free to make them your own.

1. “I will use my vacation time”

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I’m sure most of you would agree that a time off is essential for a healthy work-life balance. The ones who spend most of their time behind the laptop working on spreadsheets and presentations are not the smartest beings on the planet (personal opinion, though). But the ones who travel and meet people unlike themselves are more interesting and compassionate. Point being: Whether you are an underling at your company or a boss; take vacations, travel the world and share your experiences for a better tomorrow.

2. “I will tick off some destinations from my bucket list”


It’s high time you start taking some of those bucket list trips and tick off some destinations to add on the new ones. Whether you plan short trips or long vacations, travel solo or with a bunch of friends, just make the most of your 2017 to leave behind major travel goals.

3. “I will not over pack”


You need to understand that you are going on a vacation, and not entirely moving to a new base. So, many of us should learn the art to pack light and pack right. For first time travellers, you can take a cue from backpackers and get your mind around a few tips and tricks on how to travel with the bare essentials.

4. “I will learn 5 foreign words everywhere I go”

Language barrier can never be a deterrent unless you decide not to make an effort to learn a new language. It’s always fun to interact with new people, learn about their culture and tell them about ours. So while you travel, make a resolution to learn at least 5 foreign words in every place you go.

5. “I will not stick to tourist spots”

Yes, they are all popular and everybody visits them but how about exploring the unexplored? Talk to the locals and take out time to wander aimlessly – you might just come across a hidden treasure or experience something really exciting.

6. “I will travel out of my comfort zone, at least once”


There must have been times when others would have challenged you, but how many times have you challenged yourself? Never? Not even once? Well, take this New Year as an opportunity and challenge yourself. Challenge yourself to travel somewhere out of your comfort zone, like explore the icy treks of Ladakh or travel to the remote islands of Andaman.

7.”I will have social media free vacations”

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Once in a while it is important to cut off from the entire world and just find your own self while you travel to the far off places. Don’t go completely offline, for you would need Internet to get directions, but you can certainly avoid checking in on Facebook or uploading every single picture on Instagram. This resolution would give your vacation the attention it deserves.

8. “I will not shop for useless stuff”


Yes, we know you are a shopaholic, but don’t get carried away with every thing you see in the malls or the local street market. Rather than filling up your bags with the things you want, fill up your soul with more adventures.

9. “I will head out on a solo trip”


Travelling solo should be first on your New Year’s resolution list, because this is an enriching experience in its own way. Travelling with friends and family is fun, but a solo trip will give a boast to your personality, make you more liberal and give you a chance to make and follow your own schedule (unlike other times).

10. “I will try out an unplanned vacation”


If you are an adventure enthusiast, heading out on an unplanned trip is the the most crazy thing you can think of. No bookings, no planned itinerary, no research! An impromptu trip sounds as interesting as it can get. So what are you waiting for? Follow your instinct and just go!

Don’t brake these resolutions in fact, make them, follow them and set an example for others.

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Srishti is a writer by profession and a dreamer by choice. She loves experimenting with her space and her looks. Being an avid animal lover, she plans on being a part of Black Jaguar White Tiger Foundation in near future.

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