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Travel trend – Remarkable increase in the number of solo Indian women travellers

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According to a recent survey, there is a noticeable increase in the number of solo Indian women travellers. While it may be hard to believe given the recent reports of violence against women, studies have shown that an increasing number of Indian women have gone on solo trips or are planning one. The survey that studied the travelling habits of Indian travellers showed that 37% of Indian women have gone on solo trips while 33% are considering the idea of solo trips.

In the month long survey about 1,000 Indian women travellers were asked what the most favourable destination for solo travel would be, with the capital coming up on top. New Delhi was followed by Mumbai, Goa, Bangalore and Kolkata as the top contenders. Where international travel was concerned, London won the race closely followed by Toronto, Bangkok, New York and Dubai.

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A spokesperson for a global travel search engine said, “It is encouraging to see that Indian women are increasingly breaking stereotypes and travelling alone. The results reveal that solo Indian women travellers prefer domestic destinations as much as overseas ones, and there is a huge potential for the travel and hospitality industry to tap into this growing segment.” While 33% of Indian women travellers preferred a well-planned itinerary, 26% said a mix of planned and unplanned elements was more preferable. The survey also found that about 30% women avoided taking solo trips due to a variety of reasons, which include safety concerns, family disagreements, boredom and leave from work.

Looking at this new travel trend, do you think you would be up for a solo trip? Check out Travelguru’s list of the safest destinations for solo Indian women travellers and start planning your solo trip now!


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