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Top 5 safe destinations for solo women travellers

Solo travel
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While it is incredibly exciting to travel alone, it can also be quite dangerous and threatening, especially for solo women travellers. There are tons of great places women can travel to, alone, without any fear or anxiety. But there are also those places that women, particularly solo women, would do well to avoid. Here’s a list of the top 5 safe destinations for solo women travellers that will help you plan your trip to some of the most gorgeous and safe destinations in India. Safe travels!


The land of mustard coloured townhouses, Puducherry, aka Pondicherry aka Pondy, is a beautiful escape from drab city life. Pondy will surely remind you of everything French – the architecture, the food and also the people! Almost everyone in Pondy is fluent in French and the people are all amicable and helpful. Doesn’t get safer than this!

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Ziro Valley

Go deep into the interiors of Arunachal Pradesh and you’re sure to come upon this stretch of calmness, weaving rivulets and lush greenery known as the Ziro Valley. Best thing to do here is learn a bit about the local tribes and just enjoy the peace and tranquillity of this quaint little paradise. This piece of heaven, although lesser known, is a safe destination for women travellers.

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Elephant stables

Hampi in Karnataka features a people that are hospitable, sweet and culturally elite. Hampi is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and as such, there’s a lot here to be seen and experienced. Rich in history and culture, Hampi is one destination that is perfect for those seeking some peace and relaxed sightseeing.

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Northeast India is obviously stunning, but Sikkim takes the prize for being exceptionally beautiful and people-friendly. Made up of mountains, valleys and picturesque monasteries, Sikkim will make you fall in love with it and keep you safe.  Take a trip to this windy destination and feast your eyes on the most beautiful vistas you may have ever seen.

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Last but not the least in this list of safe destinations for solo women, this gorgeous little hill station in Uttarakhand hardly needs an introduction. One of the most sought-after destinations for Bollywood movies, Nainital is one of most popular hilly escapes in India. Biggies like Rudyard Kipling and Munshi Premchand have referred to Nainital in their writings, making this dreamland a must-visit for all women travellers!

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Which of these destinations are you planning to visit? Is there any other destination that can be added to this list of safe destinations for solo women?

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