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  • Long weekends
    Dec 14 2016

    List of long weekends in 2017. Plan your vacations already!

    We’ve all had our share of 2016 blues! With hotter than ever summers, delayed winters, cashless economy and national holidays falling on Sundays, 2016 was definitely not an easy one. But fret not, 2017 is giving us some major reasons to cheer. The coming year is packed with 13 long weekends, and that’s reason enough […]

  • indian-restaurants
    Dec 12 2016

    3 Indian restaurants land in ‘Where In The World To Eat’ list

    India, a country where we love our food and restaurateurs keep upping the game in the ever-changing culinary landscape. A country where the reputation of an eating house soars and dips faster than a stock option, but there are 3 Indian restaurants that have been ranked among the world’s best according to the Condé Nast […]

  • wedding-destination-india
    Dec 05 2016

    Top 5 wedding destinations in India

    If you think every bride wants a perfect life partner, you are living in the old world my friend. Nowadays, every bride wants a perfect life partner and a beautiful destination wedding. But the question is, what should be this destination? So, whether you fancy a wedding at a beach or a palace, a mountain […]

  • snow-places-in-india
    Nov 30 2016

    Head for the hills: The best snow places in India

    “The snow reminded me of the beauty and mystery of creation, of the essential joy that is life” – Orhan Pamuk Hiding behind the quilt and enjoying a cup of hot coffee during winters is for the cliched. The world is travelling and you should too. Pack your bags and head to a place where […]

  • winter-hotel-booking
    Nov 28 2016

    Best time to book hotels for year-end vacations

    If you haven’t booked your hotel for the winter vacations yet, now is the time. The time when you can get your rooms reserved at the most affordable prices or when you will get the maximum discounts on your bookings. According to the new report from Tripadvisor, the travel planning and booking site, the “Best […]

  • winter-destinations
    Nov 23 2016

    Top 6 destinations in India to escape the winter chill

    ‘I prefer my footprints in the sand to the snow’ – Anonymous There’s a tilt of an axis, a drop in the temperature and everybody’s ready to welcome winters. But if you are like me, who does not want to miss a chance to break away from the cold, consider these 6 destinations across India […]

  • camping-getaways
    Nov 21 2016

    Weekend camping getaways from Delhi

    If quick and pleasant weekend getaways from Delhi seem like a dream, think twice! We have an ultimate list of places that will give you break from your 9-5 job, and will turn your usual weekends into mini vacations. But rather than heading to the cliched locations, why not escape from the city life and […]

  • vineyards-india
    Nov 16 2016

    Wine a bit: Five vineyards to check out in India

    “Life’s too short to not drink or at least taste a wine” – Anonymous Wine making in India started around 5000 years ago, during the Mughal rule. At present, Indian vineyards are some of the finest destinations for Enotourism of our country. Although wine tasting is a relatively new concept in India, the wineries have […]