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An ode to the most popular Indian delicacies – Part 2

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In Part 2 of the list of the most popular Indian delicacies, we’ll be talking about some of the very best, mind-numbingly delicious food that India has to offer. Mere words can’t describe or help you anticipate the rush of awesomeness that you will feel when you take a bite out of the luscious, dripping-with-heavenly-goodness food that you’re about to witness now. Trust us, it’s not just food… it’s foooooooood!

Chana masala

Picture a dazzling red curry with chick peas and potatoes swimming in it, with pretty green coriander leaves sprinkled on top. Not to forget the raw onion rings garnishing the dish that you can munch on while you sip on a glass of thick lassi. Team it up with bhature and you won’t need anything else for a while… at least till the next sumptuous meal!


Your next sumptuous meal could be a plate of Dhokla; an evening snack, perhaps? This soft as clouds snack will never fail to make you go “Mmm!” This vegetarian dish from Gujarat made of batter from chickpea splits and rice is the most amazing sunny-yellow food you will ever taste. Eat it with some green chilies and coriander chutney and you will surely find food nirvana.

Masala Dosa

Eat it for breakfast, lunch or dinner; this bad boy will never disappoint you! It’s light enough to not be too much and filling enough to not leave you feeling unsatisfied. The perfect meal with the perfect accompaniments of coconut chutney and aromatic sambar, Masala Dosa is something of a true-blue South Indian delight.



Us Indians can eat Pakoras any time of the day! And with a cup of steaming hot chai, pakoras can feel like the best thing to ever happen to you. These little fried appetizers come in various forms – onion pakoras, potato pakoras, gobi pakoras, mirchi pakoras and much more! If you’re looking for some comfort food on a rainy day, a plate of hot pakoras will get you right back on your feet!


Last but not least in this list of the most popular Indian delicacies, we have the mouth-watering Jalebi. This roundel of yummy sweetness will take you to cloud nine. Soaked in sinful sugar syrup, these wheat-based sweets are the perfect end to any meal. Bite into the sticky goodness and you will know why we call it perfect.

Are you hungry yet? What other dishes would you suggest in this list of the most popular Indian delicacies? Let us know!

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